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I have been in Information Technology (IT) since the days when it was Data Processing (DP) – getting on for half a century.

I have been an engineer fixing computers and customers in equal measure. I have helped sell them and install them. I have helped to make them work and I have helped other people understand what makes them work.

BUT… I like to boast that my greatest achievements have been in helping various people get maximum benefit from owning computers and investing in IT. In other words I have guided people into getting good business value for the money they spend.

During my time I have seen computers (and when I say ‘computer’ I mean ALL the stuff that goes with them – hardware, software, management, project, etc) move from ‘glass houses’ through in-home to in-hand.

Nowadays the hardware is a commodity. It is all much of a muchness, whatever its size. It may be argued that the world has absorbed all the variations in hardware and software into a single complex computer system called THE WEB. Well nearly…. we are approaching some standards, but there is still a way to go before everything is homogeneous.

I enjoy being part of THE BIG CHANGE.